[FIXED] Add/Remove mods in a save file

We recently faced a bug/exploit in games with BBG and lack of MPH (MultiPlayer Helper) mod, and were wondering if its possible for PYDT to add a feature that hosts can add/remove mods from a save file?

This can be used to switch games from live BBG to a static one, or just simply add MPH to games that haven’t started with it, or any other mod.
It can also be used if one wants to remove DB’s gold mod from their game because of an unwanted update in their game.

These are just a couple of examples that having this feature can help making this available to all hosts to customize their games if necessary.

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@mrosack, I’m not sure if you know, since summer, @Calcifer has manually added many times a static version of BBG or the live MPH mod to already started games.

But it would be just better if this could be done by the host directly in PYDT.

Thank you!

I forgot there was a thread for this, this is a new admin tool and @Calcifer has helped test it out.

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