[FIXED] Ability to request substitution & join a game as a substitute

As a player, I want to be able to request being substituted, just as easy as I can surrender.

  • because I want an easy way to be replaced, without requiring me to talk with the host or to submit tickets

Once I have made the request, the game should be listed in the “In-Progress Games with Open Slots”

  • the game continues just like before, I can still make turns in that game while I’m still a player

Another player should then be able take my place just as easy as joining an in-progress game is today

  • optional: force or let the player decide if the “minimum 500 turns” condition should be respected

great idea!

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I like this!

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Let’s do this.

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sounds good!

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This has been implemented - I haven’t enforced the 500 turns barrier for this, we’ll see how that goes.

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