[FIXED] Ability to “Disable turn-timer for players on Vacation Mode”

It would be great if the host had the ability to set this option for matches with a turn-timer:
“Disable turn-timer for players on Vacation Mode”

  • Even the other players prefer a player’s turns to be made by that player, not by the AI, and, currently, setting yourself on Vacation Mode means that the AI will do the turns instead of you in all matches with a turn-timer.
  • Our workaround today is to manually disable the turn-timer when a player is on Vacation Mode, but this is prone to forgetfulness, as it need to be done before that player’s turn.
  • Having an automatic option to disable the turn-timer when a player is on Vacation Mode would save us from unwanted skipped turns.

How it would work, if the option is enabled:

Let’s assume there’s a duel between player A and player B, with a turn-timer and only player B is on Vacation Mode

  • while it is the turn of player A, the turn-timer is enabled and nothing is different
  • when it is the turn of player B, the turn-timer is disabled

note: if player B gets out of Vacation while it’s their turn, the turn-timer is automatically enabled and starts from zero.


This could go very well hand-in-hand with Ability to choose if my Vacation Mode auto-skips turns or not in matches with turn-timer

  • because that other option allows players in Vacation Mode to make their turn in matches in which the host doesn’t want to pause the turn-timer

I’ve put out a new option to give 3 choices for vacation mode - skip when turn timer ends (now default), skip immediately (old behavior), and pause the game (no skips).

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Great solution! Thank you!

For anyone reading this, I just want to mention that:

  • all current games with turn-timer now have
    Turn Timer Vacation Mode Behavior = Turn is skipped at end of timer

  • when “Game is paused while users are on vacation” option is selected,
    the turn-timer is disabled only for the player in Vacation Mode

  • when returning from holidays, it’s best to do your turn before you turn off Vacation Mode :wink: