FFA 8 players - All DLCs + BBG + BBS + 3 light mods (52d45678)


Alright I tried and still no one, I’m going to continue this game with the AI

Alright, so what the hell is up with the City State parking an archer on a Goody Hut forever? Anyone seen that before? Weird AI.

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I waited a few turns for that then sent my scout elsewhere. I have an industrial era game where barb slingers and warriors are surrounded by CS ironmen and archers and none of them ever move.

Yeah weird… see it too

tempted to suzerain and levy just to get it to move.

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Hi everyone,
Do you still need a replacement?

What do you guys think? I can’t see where the AI is. Is it playable?
@OtherRealisms @Nuts @HappyCamper @EmJayLambert @Tamil_Ronin @StefanosG

If we have a replacement for the AI, we should let him play. Subs are hard to get.



What’s going on with this game?

Should we add a time limit? We can start small like 3 days so there is plenty of time

I vote against time limits.

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Alright, what can we do then? Boot the player?
It’s been a more than a month now.

pretty sure @Tamil_Ronin the dude we’re waiting for has been kicked from other games for being inactive

vote we try and find a sub on the discord

Aw wow, yeah if possible but is it even possible at this stage of the game?

Don’t see why not.

Yeah we’re all here because we want to play turn based with other players not AI… We should try to find subs, I don’t mind waiting for someone to take the spots for Gaul and Portugal.

lets get new game, pls
all of us like a subs no one remembers their own spots already