eXterminate the AI (2a12bb80)

Smack talk goes here for eXterminate the AI! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/2a12bb80-1181-492f-b020-0f3bcb7d88cb

Will there be a draft? Or do we play with random civs?


Is trading with AI allowed? Maybe take a smaller map when there is almost only land? Should naval civs be banned?

All random. No trading with the AI. We will be at war with all of them soon enough.

All land map with maybe some larger lakes.


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Sorry for the unexspected vacation. Iā€™m travelling (with my computer) but had no internet since last tuesday, even if there should have been WiFi on my last place.

No I have a (weak) WiFi and will play all my damned turns. :wink:

welcome back @Markelix

should we create a group on discord to discuss strategies?

Here is our group!

somehow the link does not work for me. would you please invite me in discord? iā€™m on the pydt server with the same name as here

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Here is the invite link :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

Roll call - Are we all in our channel on the discord server now?

Atm Disco donā€™t starts on PC (internet too weak). But I accepted the invitation on browser.

I saw you were having problems.

We will chat here until @Markelix has fixed the problems.

While you are having connectivity problems. Where would you prefer to chat for now. Discord or smacktalk? (I am going to repeat this on discord)

internet is much better now ā†’ Discord

edit: solved

Just confirming everyone is watching the discord chat here.