Expanding into other games?

First of all this is a fantastic site and I have had a lot of fun now with 5 games playing roughly daily. Feels like chess matches and it is great in a hectic life to still have some “chunk” size gaming :slight_smile:

What I wondering about is it has been considered to expand into other games ? And what would be needed to do so? Also if it has been considered to expand statistics and let for example users report savegames that are parsed by the site for even more fun after game bragging rights? :slight_smile:

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I’m definitely open to adding other games to the site, if you have any suggestions let me know. I’m not sure I understand your second idea about the savegames, can you explain more? Thanks!

  • CIV IV (Has hotseat too right?)
  • Master of orion II (not sure if you can autocombat or if this would work would have to test)
  • Space empires IV and V
  • Age of wonders III (and II) and now Planetfall that will be released in 2019
    whole heroes of might and magic series (would probably be with automated combat vs players)
  • Heroes of might and magic VII
  • Heroes of might and magic VI
  • Heroes of might and magic V
  • Heroes of might and magic IV
  • Heroes of might and magic III
  • Blood bowl series
  • Deciples series
  • Battle for westnoth
    A lot of board games like Scythe or Gary Grisbows A world at war divided.
    I am also trying to suggest and vote for idea for Amplitude to include hotseat into next games as I really like the endless series :slight_smile and think they would fit awesome with play your damn turn :slight_smile:

Perhaps easiest and will open this site to another crowd as well would be some of the board games like Gary Grisbows a world Divided and Scythe and could be expanded into many other board games. Age of wonders III support would set you up for also supporting age of wonders : planetfall when it arrives this years and could be a good move as well as many play those games :slight_smile:

Regarding savegames:
Score and who won perhaps simply as a report by the users to confirm by a majority. Also most modern games store a lot of information in xml or similar that can be parsed so you can have all kind of fun statistics between games and add even more value to this great site. But a simple score and who won would be cool :slight_smile: You could also differentiate between free for all or team games in reporting who won, you could also report position by score in most games.

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Thanks for the game ideas, I’ll look into them. Civ 4 was probably going to be the next game I look at, but I can prioritize others if there’s a big demand for something. Adding games isn’t trivial unless the save file format is public knowledge, though.

I wish I could get more endgame info, but I don’t think anyone’s figured out how to get that out of Civ 6 save files, I think people have done more with civ 5 save files but I haven’t found any good public source code, If anyone has examples of how to get win data out of either civ 5 or 6 files that’d be helpful.

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I’d love to play some Heroes of Might & Magic on PYDT!

This is sorta the hardest chicken and egg problem because setting up a new game (figuring out how to parse save files, any special logic needed, etc) is a lot of work, and a critical mass of people asking for a game really helps to give me the incentive to get it done. Civ 4 would definitely be up there as I can see there’d be an audience for that, and yeah, maybe I could look into HoMM - is 7 currently the most popular?

I would go with Heroes of Might and Magic III

Here are the Google Trends for HOMM 3 vs 4 vs 5 vs 6 vs 7:


Results are similar when comparing the abbreviated search terms:


For fun, here’s another comparison: HOMM 3 vs Civ 4 vs Civ 5 vs Civ 6 vs HOMM 7 :smiley:


And the last one, I promise :smiley: