Every participant sees the same start screen ("Vietnamese Empire") -- why?

When you have loaded the game and want it to start, you see (and hear) a “commercial” for an empire.

We have noticed that every participant in the game see (and hear) the “commercial” for the empire of the first player’s empire.

Strange, is it not?

Can it be fixed?

– Stormumriken, a happy PYDT user

I’m pretty sure this is just normal civ 6 hotseat mode behavior and not PYDT, you could try duplicating it with a local hotseat game without sending the files to PYDT and see if it’s different, but I’m pretty sure it’d do the same thing.

The civilization of the game master (first player) always shows, for all players while loading a game. Civilization does this, not PYDT.

mrosack and Valamas: Thank you for clarification!

I have now reported the problem as a bug at the Civfanatics web site.