Eric's game! (33d66bc4)

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I will start the game next week because I am on holidays this week

Is it raging barbbarians or what

nope, just normal barbarians

Wait, is there a turn with only the world congress?

its not clear, to me at least, whether other stuff happens on that turn, or if its just a turn for voting. Would be interested to know if anyone knows for certain

Yeah there is turns that is “Only” votes, yes. As it kinda happens at the end of turn, in a single player game, they programmed it that way now. I think there was some issues in the beginning, where the game in Split screen mode got stuck.
And i suppose this is the work around on it :slight_smile :slight_smile:
One turn for only congress, yeah :slight_smile:

OK, I kind of agree that Mongols wins :slight_smile: @Khiliani @Scienidez will you agree?

yeah, I dont see us reversing the mongol tide

Ohh yes absolutely, i just playing to the bitter end :slight_smile: i kinda… always do that :stuck_out_tongue:

I accept :slightly_smiling_face:

Contrats! Well played - care to post summary of your experience and why it was so straightforward this time?


  • I think Mongolians are overpowered in general: you get +4 on the cavalry, can get +3 for a trade-route (get it in-place before declaring war). +1 movement from Ordo stable helps get the cavalry over the 2-movement tiles that block you from getting into the middle efficiently: 4 base movement + 1 ordo + 1 from great general = 3 tiles of movement through hills / forest
  • In the 6-star shaped map, the Russian city placement was really attractive but also very vulnerable. Settling near the two water natural wonders that give science is naturally defended by having the ocean backing you up, but near Tsingy and Kilimanjaro is more exposed.
  • After taking the Russian city near Tsingy, I thought about abandoning it, letting Rome take it, so that I could send my cavalry to rush the Russian capital. Then return to recapture the city near Tsingy once again. I ended up staying and fighting the Romans for a while. It worked out but I think it delayed things because I got bogged down.
  • France and Ottomans declaring friendship with me gave me a full flank safe-guarded for 30 turns, plus I could send trade-routes into them. Mongols are going to declare war on you eventually, so I took advantage of that to focus on the Eastern half of the map.
  • Walls are great blockers against Cavalry, and thus Mongols. France didn’t build any walls; was really easy to roll. Infantry + battering rams or catapults will damage cities more but move so slowly. That’s why I basically hit a standstill against Rome, and partially against Japan. And why I picked on France first before the Mongols.
  • Cavalry-oriented civs can bee-line all the way to tanks skipping most of the tech tree. That’s a big thing to exploit later in the game.
  • I deliberately took a Dark-Age Classical to go Heroic Medieval.
  • There’s a specific spot that gets tons of production while still having fresh water, and not blocking too many other city-sites, just on the other side of the main mountains. Great spot to settle. France settled it and did pretty well to have a dense empire. A little more defense and it would have been formidable.

One thing I learned from n11n / Rome in this game was that if you’re the only one building navy, you can pick up a lot of easy city-state bonuses on 6-Star Map. So… try that out the next time you play 6-Star. Of course, if everyone does it, it somewhat cancels out.

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Yeah, I believe France and Ottomans wanted you to fight 3 of us, which is generally good move, excluding Mongols :slight_smile: I did believe that I declared on you before you can send trade route, still not sure how you get +12 strengths from intelligence later.
I probably had to raise the Russian city when I had chance, but was too faithfull in Legions, who were dying like paper even on good ground.
I had very strong economy and many ally city states, so had good chances to build strong navy and dominate at sea having strong defense at entry to the peninsula. And probably it would be the case if France / Ottomans showed good resistance. But once you got their nice infrastructure - I had no chance when your units are better + generals + 12 strength from intelligence :slight_smile:
Anyway - I did enjoy the game and learned from it, good luck!