It was hard to know what the etiquette is for finishing a game after one person reaches a victory condition…

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I don’t think there is currently a way for the PYDT parser to automatically determine victory. Maybe a Claim Victory button can be added to the PYDT client that allows you to upload a screenshot of the winning condition and notifies the others that you are claiming victory. There could be a agree or protest option for them and if everyone agrees the game is registered as a win?

I think that’s an interesting idea, but to be honest I likely won’t get to it anytime soon.

One thing that this site really needs is an FAQ, I can start working on that sooner than I’d implement the end game button, but if anyone wants to work on the FAQ that’d be a great help, you can just start a topic in the forum and I’ll move it where it needs to go.

I came looking for this exact question. Hope to see it one day autodetect victory!

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