Economy Whoas. Economic Woes. (1bb802c4)

Smack talk goes here for Economy Whoas. Economic Woes.! Game URL:


Private Diplo ?

Yes, friendly game.

Barbarian Clans (No Citystates to begin)
Apologies for stuffing up citystates. We can’t have any. Sorry.

no problem !

I took it. Was my error anyway. (Edit) However, I was able to get the next one. So it worked out.

GG all. Just got the cultural victory on turn 201, with 203/191 required visiting tourists. A few turns too late @Ramiro on booting my rockbands from your land. Though, you did force my rockband with the wonder upgrade into being being stuck in no mans land between your borders.

GG. Well played Petrojbl, as always.

GG Petroj !!, I really subestimate the speed of a cultural victory… !

GG. I underestimate the threat of your navy outside my cities :smiley: