Duel size, fractal, random civ only (a9aaabf7)

Smack talk goes here for Duel size, fractal, random civ only! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/a9aaabf7-2a5b-45ae-9410-d96044b1223f

Hi, i’m off for holidays till 23rd of July. Sorry for the waiting

Hi, need voting what to do with K1S3L? he is off for 2nd time for almost 3 weeks without any notice. Should we kick him, continue with slot open-maybe somebody will join. or abandon this game altogether? and looks like he is active on other games…

He’s inactive in three games I share with him without response on either of those, up to you at this point how much longer until you decide to remove him. I don’t have a player in mind to replace.

what i mean, i checked his steam profile, and seems he is playing other games right now, not civ

I did invite few people to join this game, nobody accepted, so i guess we should proceed with 1 AI.
Unless you can invite somebody?


@nlla replied that he would join it, shall we accept him and revert few turns? i would like to proceed with him cause would like to learn something, and he is a good player ( i think he will kick my ass :)) . Playing against AI teaches nothing, though will need Mikes help on this, let me know

Yeah! I’m all for it.

The game is set to: Allow Users to Join After Start: Yes

so, is he able to join without mike? If we need mike, go ahead and ping him with @ mrosack :slight_smile:

I’m always good for more players! They’re so much more fun than AI!

Agreed, happy to let him join.


Hello Mike, may i ask you for a favor to add @nlla to this game, to avoid useless AI deciding our fate.
I appreciate what you are doing a lot

i think “ALLOW USERS TO JOIN” is not working if you kick somebody, its ok just for open slot from the beginning.

i have asked Mikes help, if he will share his valued time with us , and adds nlla, we will need revert few turns

gotcha! Holding my current turn so as to not further complicate the reverting when it happens :slight_smile:

Ok, I added @nlla, but I had to revert to round 33 before the old player was kicked. Join only works on games with remaining original unfilled slots, players can’t be inserted in for the same reason we can’t have a turn timer, there’s a bug in civ 6 that kills the game.

Excellent info to have. Thanks again dude!

Tribute: https://i.imgur.com/HJJl5ie.jpg


Thank you for inviting me!

I will be off to holidays till 4th of January. Sorry for the waiting time

@nlla @HappyCamper

Thanks nlla, for finishing my pain in this hopeless end of game.

i left one settler for barbarians, i hope they will revenge for my sufferings :slight_smile:

good luck for you both.