Duel map (3025c881)

Smack talk goes here for Duel map! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/3025c881-3d51-47db-b202-07a4280bcfd9

Wecome! wanna make game on duel map just to be quick

Guys, where are you from and which time is ok for you to make move. Im in Lithuania, i can do move 7-8 EET, and then around 18-24 hrs. And you?

Game keeps crashing on turn 7, need new save

I’m out of the country until about June 7th so wont’ be able to play until then. Sorry for the delay.

Hi, i’m off for holidays till 23rd of July. Sorry for keeping you idle

Morten, you are killing me when im off to job and you make move at 8:50 CET, and 12hrs i have to wonder whats in Leviathan’s mind :). i miss kennedy, i guess he was USA :slight_smile:

I work with programming, and spend much of my time at the computer, so most of the time, I can make my turns right away. Not when I am sleeping, though :slight_smile: I’m wondering what’s on Leviathan’s mind too. :smiley:

I never know what’s in my own mind, so no wonder it’s hard for you guys to tell.

I’m Pacific coastal time so I have that problem sometimes of having to get another turn in before I go to work.

Leviathan, i dont need your religion, be carefull

didnt know that caravels can capture cities, its a bit new for me from other civ versions… seems this game is finished for me :frowning:

when i see all map now, i think Mapuche had some advantage of map, is there any channel on PYDT to discuss things? or its all in forum? maybe it was too crowded, but i want some things too be quick, thats why i did put maximum number of people on small map

it was 1st and very interesting game on PYDT for me.
i still speculate for myself if starting a war against Mapuche few turns later and with different approach and if would have captured UR, did i have chance to win…
Learned a lot and had a great time, thanks comrades :slight_smile:

Thanks for the game!

I think I definitely had an advantage being the only player on the big island (although I didn’t realize that until relatively late).

I don’t know if starting the war against me at a slightly different time would have made much of a difference… I think I had a strong enough navy that your east coast would have been in trouble regardless what happened on the west. Maybe if you had taken all of Sumeria by yourself though?

GG. Thanks for the game guys. I started on a tiny island, and I never really managed to “take off” :slight_smile:

Leviathan, what i would do differently, 1st walls for cities of course, and the fleet of course. i did not think vessels can capture cities. and then i did not estimate economy, i ran short of money and stopped producing units because of minus money. why i did sop pushing UR, was of lack of catapults/bombards, and lost 10 turns of reconficuring economy/ bombard units. I cannot find words of exuce to my 6 lvl crosbowman :), which is crushing now any of yr units approacing of URUK

You asked if there’s PYDT channel to discuss… I don’t think there’s a specific one but there is a Civ slack group that has a Civ 6 channel. A lot of the people on it use PYDT.

Join here: https://civ.fun/slack/

Things definitely could have gone differently with Ur if you had a slightly different attack, but I was reinforcing it expecting one to come soon so hard to say how much difference a delay would have made. I was actually more worried about you sneaking troops to my mainland because the cities closest to you were relatively undefended. I had a few ships sailing around the narrows just in case, but it would have been interesting. It actually looked like you started heading that way and then had second thoughts.

actually before you send religious unit to me, i was planning to attack you sooner or later, as it was closest victory i could achieve. So i did sent units to take city state on you continent and use it as a base against you. but then i had to declare war with you (3 cities converted more and you would achieve religious victory- perhaps should have waited till you send 2nd apostle), and just before a war with you, you spotted my units at sea. And cause i did not have a fleet, i thought it was too dangerous and sent them back to attack Ur. I also thought to keep war at 2 fronts, against city state and Ur, but decided that that you was too strong to make it.

Finished with a religious victory because your last city was too tough. Good game guys.