Dr. Love's game! (b14991e9)

Smack talk goes here for Dr. Love’s game!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/b14991e9-be28-480f-ac94-700f73d86c2c

So who is which civ? any restrictions on victory conditions I should be aware of?

I picked Norway. It didn’t seem to have any victory condition options when I looked at starting a game. So I expect they are all turned on.

I left everything default. If you’d like any special conditions let me know.

Nah just start the game, I don’t even remember how to play.

My first wonder is complete!

Just finished a settler… just in time for a barbarian horde to charge my city. should be an interesting couple of turns.

Yea I have a barbarian incursion as well. Check if you can buy some warriors with gold.

I’m good now. Have a slinger who is messing him up pretty good, and a brand new warrior just in time to run interference.