Don't suck! (95ebaeda)

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I’m in… like the title :slight_smile:

Netherlands vs. the Russians. Hmm. I have played the Dutch twice. One I crushed the other guys. One I fell quickly to a Legion rush.

Good luck!

We’ve seen how Russia worked out for me before. I’ve got a decent start though. Some tundra of course, but that’s okay. Good Luck!

Ya, your cossacks tore me up pretty bad. I only won with superior numbers, not superior units and tactics.

My hope of a ship rush doesn’t look like it will work out. I didn’t start out on an ocean?!?!? I thought the Netherlands had an ocean start preference.

Game is over on turn 206. Netherlands captured the Russian capital. Thanks for a fun game, and thanks for sticking with it until the end. It was nice to get a victory and an achievement.

I think this game was polar opposite of our last game. All the AI civs were on my land mass, and it looks like you didn’t have any AI civs with you. As soon as I saw Macedon right next to me (I think I found them turn 4 or 5) I went all military production to kill them quickly. Then England followed suit. The Khmer capital was the easiest city in the game to capture, but when I went for their second and final city, his two city-state allies destroyed nearly my entire army. It was embarrassing.

Not sure how much my De Zeven Proncincians helped out my cause. They do massive damage to city defenses, but I had to kill your units with them instead of your cities. In the end it was the battleships. Anyway, good game.

I’m up for one more before GS comes out if you want. Let me know if you want to start one.

I was pretty lonely out there on my desert island, it’s true. I was going for a cultural victory, but didn’t really understand how impossible that would be against an empire as huge as yours became. By the time I decided to change tactics it was Way too late. :slight_smile:

I did set out to be invulnerable to your special navy, so I achieved that at least!

Good game!

I think we can squeeze one more in before the Gathering Storm hits us. :slight_smile: