[DONE] Revert turn to player 1?

I’ve mistakenly activated some mods that shouldn’t be on and aren’t even available in the workshop any more

The game is on turn 1, is it possible to revert back to me so I can start it properly?



I think maybe you sent this to the wrong guy, Fatus. I do not know the answer to this question.
I would try Onan or Valamas, who seem to have more experience with setup.

Hold up have I sent you this as a private message?

I was trying to post this in the public game support forum

@Fatusblobus1 - Is everything OK with that game now? It seems to be moving. If not you should be able to revert the game back to turn 1 I think using the admin tools, if not let me know.

I was able to use the admin tools to revert the game turn back to player 2 but when I try to revert turn again at this point it returns an error

but I need to revert back to me because I need to restart the game at my end with the correct settings and reupload the first turn game file

Have you tried refreshing the page? I think it put the game back in the initial state even though you got an error, I’ll have to look into that bug.

yes I was mistaken it has reverted back to me when I looked at the PYDT client

well I did get the error, but it seems it moved the turn back to me anyway