[DONE] Requesting a Player Substitution

This is the data needed:

Link to the game: https://www.playyourdamnturn.com/game/9752d5ec-984d-4425-894a-67c0ba05a6c9
player being subbed out: ville.korpi     (has already left the game by surrender)
player being subbed in.  MisterT800    (I've already asked him if he wants to join us and he agreed)

Thanks in advance.

@PerroFlamer - We’d need to rollback quite a bit to do this (not sure exactly where ville.korpi surrendered), are you sure you want to do this? Because of a bug in civ 6 I can’t just replace the AI with MisterT800 on the current turn.

I just reverted 2 rounds, I remember it was there when he left, can you try now please =) thanks

I needed to go another full round back, I think it should be good now.

Perfect, thanks for ur help bro.