[DONE] Incorrect player/civ order


I ordered the players wrong in this game, can it be fixed?

The correct player order and civ configuration should be:

Me - slot 1 - Mali
Firelord - slot 2 - Germany
In-drew - slot 3 - Kublai China
Lacus - slot 4 - Elenor France


I’m a bit confused, how did you upload the file if the order was wrong? Try reverting the game to the first turn, and I think at that point you should be able to reorder the civs, if not I can.

Hi rosack, the civ order is correct but the player order is wrong (player 2 and 3 are the wrong civ and in the wrong player slot)

couldn’t revert turn, I ran into this error

Also, here is the player listing from the discord just to clarify what I’ve done wrong here
Screen Shot 10-25-22 at 07.28 PM

Hi again - so the turn did in fact revert even though the error came up. But I still need the players 2 and 3 to be swapped and then the civs to be swapped back to their current positions (hope this makes sense!)

Can you not use the player ordering thing? I think it should be available if you’re back to the first turn.

I can do that. But then the 2 players will be the wrong civ and they aren’t able to change it

ok, should be ready to go!

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