[DONE] Game stuck after reverting and then restarting


We are having an issue with this game:

We got 5 turns in and realized we had to remap because one player spawned without enough room to expand. I’m the admin. Since we were 5 turns in, I was unable to restart, so I reverted back to turn 2 and then restarted. I was able to successfully upload the new save file, but now the second player is unable to play their turn.

This is what they see:

When they try to load the game there is no description

Does this sound like any known issue with PYDT? If so, is there a workaround?

Thank you!

Yeah, I dunno, the save isn’t there, I’m not sure what happened. Try reverting or restarting the game and try again, or just upload the save here and I’ll see if I can duplicate it.

Here is the save file:

NLP-only Always War - remap.Civ6Save (752.6 KB)

I restarted and re-uploaded the save file. It still doesn’t load for the 2nd player

@mrosack I saw this happening when we revert turn more than the number of turns PYDT keeps as archive on the server. (i.e. 20 turns?) Hope this helps to diagnose the issue.

Yeah, I think there’s a couple things going on, the revert code doesn’t prevent you from going back past the number of saves that are available, and the game reset code didn’t wipe out the current saves, causing the code that prunes saves to just delete the “lower” turn that was just uploaded. I think I’ve got fixes in for these things, and the game should be good to go now.

it’s fixed. Thank you @mrosack !