[DONE] Change username?

Hey, thanks for running this site. I set my username in error; I would like it to be dialectic, or some variant thereof. How do I change it, if it’s possible?

Are you talking about here on the forum or on PYDT? PYDT gets the username from steam, but only checks for changes like once a day.

Here. It was incorrect when I set up the PYDT account, but I’ve already changed it on steam (shortly after setting up PYDT). I can upload a screenie if it’d help. Thanks for getting back so quickly :smiley:

Oh wait, I just noticed it’s listed correctly in the forum. The in-game username is still my email tho?

Like I said, PYDT only syncs from steam once a day, is your PYDT username updated now?

The forum has been updated, but the in-game username (in game as well as the client) is still showing the old incorrect email address name

There was an issue with the steam sync script, I think it’s running good now, if you’re still seeing the wrong username please private message me the wrong username that you’re seeing.

@dialectic - I’m marking this as done, but if you need me to look into it some more please DM me the wrong username.

Sorry for the delay in getting back. It’s sorted, you were right. Thanks for your help!