[DONE] Change Game Info Text

Hi @SackGT can you please edit the game info for this game? https://www.playyourdamnturn.com/game/4d9af48d-82df-42fa-8479-d73f367a6e41

Discord channel for all discussion (not in PYDT): #teamshowdown2

DLC: All Firaxis content, plus several workshop mods which you must subscribe to:
Better Balanced Start v 1.6.9: Steam Workshop::Better Balanced Starts (BBS)
Better Balanced Game (codenaugh branch) v3.20.1 Steam Workshop::Legacy Better Balanced Game v3.20.1
DB’s Civ 6 Gold: Steam Workshop::DB's Civ VI Gold This is a meta-mod with a whole bunch of options to tweak gameplay (the ones chosen I will give below).

Game Settings:
12 players
Huge map.
Difficulty: Deity (tougher City States)
Victory Conditions: All
Disaster: 2
Resources: Abundant
Strategic resources: Abundant
World Age: New
Ridges Definition: Classic
Barbarians: NO BARBS

Civ Diplomacy - Hostile Relations
No trading (gold/resources/lux etc) between Teams except as part of a Peace Deal.
In a Peace Deal cities can be conceded, gold, resources, lux traded but only one way from the conceding Team.
All negotiations between teams must be done on the Discord channel.

Standard CPL Game Rules
One City State Capture per player, rest must be razed.
No city trading (can only liberate back to player)
All diplomatic negotiations must be done on the Discord chat channel.

Zamalekite’s Rule Variations:
Nukes = max use one nuke per player per target (players can have more than 1 nuke in stockpile)
Rock Bands = max one band per player but policy blocking rock bands cannot be used

Here are the options from DB Civ 6 Gold Mod that we will be using:
Engineers can Rush Walls
All Men Are Mortal (Great People will die, so don’t use them to scout)
Remove Emergencies
Remove Foreign Info (you will need to either scout for information or bargain for it!)
Double Spy Capacity
Better Roads
All Religions Can Have Custom Names

OK, done - I swear I’ll get around to loosening up the restrictions on this soon. :slight_smile:

thank you!