Disjunction FFA (6009d7c6)

Smack talk goes here for Disjunction FFA! Game URL: Civ 5 / 6 / Beyond Earth / Old World Asynchronous Multiplayer (PBEM) | Play Your Damn Turn

It’s strange.
I exactly remember what set up 4 teams not 2.
Sorry for the inconvinience. :frowning:
We can restart the game if you want.

:man_shrugging: i’m up for whatever

Im also fine with whatever you decide :slight_smile:

OK. Let’s continue then.

@kapshul - GG, if you want to start up another one that’s actually FFA I’d be up for it, I didn’t really mean for this game to turn into scorched earth but I was trapped in the corner of the map. Fun game, though!

I’ve created new FFA:

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GG, see you in the next one! :slight_smile:

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