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Hi - I’m kinda new here…
I don’t understand the smack talk field on each game… it seems to be uneditable… i can’t click it or add comments… i know there is a category on the forum called smack talk… Is this field of no use then on the game page? Also, what do we do if there isn’t a corresponding ‘smack talk’ topic for the game we are playing?
it is somewhat of a pain to have to go seek out the smack talk forum post for the specific game i’m playing, unless i’m misunderstanding something on how to use this?

There was a bug with smack talk being uneditable but that has now been fixed - so you could try that again.

Not sure about your comment about - ““if there isn’t a corresponding topic for the game we are playing”” ?

If you still have a problem best thing would be to log a bug, instead of a discussion and then it will get looked at by mrosack. (Choose Bug Reports instead of Smack Talk)

Smack talk threads should automatically be created when a game is created - discourse doesn’t allow you to post in a frame, so you have to come to the actual forum page to post on the smack talk thread. Are you in a game that doesn’t have a smack talk thread? If so post the link to the game page in here and I’ll take a look.

this game here - Weebles Wobble, but they don’t fall down! All DLC/Rise&Fall/Online Speed


Hmm, I’m not sure why a topic didn’t exist for that game, so I created one and linked it up. Thanks!

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