Delta (12cd3dfa)

Smack talk goes here for Delta! Game URL:

Please let me know your timezones and usual play times, and I will try to arrange tribes in optimal order for reduced turnaround times. I will also probably review start positions to ensure no tundra or other ‘bad starts’.

I live in Moscow time (Eastern European Time). I can not walk early in the morning. At other times, I usually can.

Pacific Time. Usually play in the evenings.

I play at any time. In the morning, during lunch, when I get home from work.

I am at Central European Time (CET/CEST) and play in the evenings/night after work.

My time is GMT +2
Thank you!

I cannot send a message to robbiehoover, (i guess he is not registered somewhere) so hoping you are checking this thread. Please let me know your timezone location and play times during the day so i can arrange play order - and please register on forum so you can be contacted.

Central European time. Usually takes turns in the morning before 7 am or in the evening.

If you open two more slots, me and my friend will enter.

Two more from Brazil added, giving us 10.

I am trying to contact robbiehoover48 through steam, and will give it a few days. If no success we will start with 9.

GMT -3 here! Same for Winca

I have another friend that I would like to play if you have any other open positions.

robbiehoover has not responded through Steam - I will give him another day.

Let me know your friend’s timezone and playing times, and we can provisionally add him as substitute for above 48 hours after you were added, assuming this is convenient time - or let me know another time.

He is from Brazil to. GMT -3

Ahhh sorry. He usually plays at night.

OK. That is not a problem, so not sure why the ‘sorry’.
What time would he be around today to sign up, if I end up removing robbiehoover, which looks very likely at this point.

in the next 8 hours, just let me know when you remove the player that I will already notice my friend and he will immediately enter

why you dont open just now and reduce one AI?

One more slot is open.
Later tonight I will close the game.
Anyone where I do not know their timezone - and times of the day they play - will be removed.

I may start this tonight (UK time) or in the morning.

The last time I opened a game (of fewer players than this) it took multiple respawns as initially someone always got tundra. I got really bored and waited another day,