Creating New Game Option "Average Turn Time Gate"

Hello All!

We have stats in every game type category, lets use it to organize more dynamic gameplay.
Imagine that you have an option in game creation setup like Turn Timer, but “Average Gate”.
If you activate it then the slider opens where Average Turn Time max value is sets.
Which is 10 hours by default, for example, and from 1 hour to 7 days diapason.

If human with current game type average stats above the limit try to join the game, then he get a note that this current game has such an option which allow players with stats below limit to join.

Sometimes I want to make quick dynamic session. Sometimes we need to test some old/new mechanic in our mod. Such a Gate option would be more polite then to exclude people that not fit desired limit from lobby.


Update: I think it should take in count an Average Turn Time Stat of last 100 turns variant by default.
As it explained here: Average turn time of the last 100 turns