Conquest of Medieval Europe (dc913cb7)

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What is DB’s Mod?

hey, I will update the description of the game with a link to all the mods you will need later today

Hello folks,

Well some bad news and some good news. I started testing the game today and the bad news is that the TSL Europe map that comes preloaded with the game is a fixed size and only works for 8 players (my fault, I should have checked this first.)

However the good news is that there are a couple of huge TSL Europe maps in the workshop - I’m going to test these out and then will link the best one in the main game description above. Might take a couple of days to test them out because I don’t want there to be any instability once the game starts. I’ll keep you updated.

no problem. sounds good

Update - There appears to be a problem with DB’s mod that causes the game to start in the Ancient era no matter what era you choose the game to start in. Looks like we won’t be using this mod for this game. Testing the Europe map though and everything looks good so we should be set to go soon.

Another update
I was wrong before, it looks like the Europe map is the problem that is causing the game to start in Ancient era

Will try a different map and keep testing!

Hello everyone.

Got a stable version of the game running now with the Yet another Map Pack (which I had installed all along but had disabled! doh!) I have added link to the game description.

So to prep for the start of the game I suggest you check you have install all of the above mods and make sure you have no compatibility issues while I keep testing and making sure the game is stable

Hi everyone. Looks like someone left the game today so we are still waiting for 1 more to join. Have done multiple hours of testing today to ensure I have a working game and a complete list of civs for draft. There are 32!

Once last player joins I will do the draft and you will need to join the discord server (linked in description above) to choose your civ. Also we can talk about other rules before the game starts.

Sounds like a bit of a headache! Thanks for your efforts…will no doubt be worth it :smiley:

It sounds like we still need everyone to introduce themselves on the Discord.

Who are we missing on the discord? Can we try to message them through PYDT?

Here is the draft for those who have not joined the discord. Note that there were 32 available civs and 12 of us so there are some repeats. Drafting will be done on a first come first served basis.

Also note that some combinations are not compatible. While Catherine and Eleanor both as France are compatible, Eleanor and Victoria both as England are not. Both Mongolias cannot be in the game. Both Eleanors cannot be in the game. No other repeat civs allowed for obvious reasons. Both Greek leaders (Gorgo and Pericles) can be in the game.

If you can’t (or won’t) join the discord please post your choice here (I do not answer PYDT DMs!)

Screen Shot 03-01-22 at 08.30 PM

phil please

@bonicius10 we are all waiting for you to choose your civilization


Game rules, please read!

One more required mod is multiplayer helper. I have added in the main game description above.

Note that you will have to restart your game for MPH to work once enabling it (or disabling it!)

We don’t want to use MPH for a PYDT game, it has no use.

It’s required for disabling alliances and trade