Congress turn not submitting if player surrenders before

Hi, on this match ( we’ve had to kick one of our players as they didn’t show up for weeks. This coincided with a congress turn, and now I cannot upload the save game. It gives error " Incorrect game turn in save file! (actual: 101, expected: 102)". Is it possible to fix this issue?

Have you tried reverting a turn or two?

We will try that then :+1:

We finally got our match working. We actually had another situation where the current player resigned too before the start of the congress, so it seems this is a bug PYDT has. Might be worth to investigate:

When the congress starts next turn and there’s only a player left to play, if that player resigns/is kicked, the round will increment despite not doing so in-game due to the congress. When a game is submitted in this state, PYDT refuses to accept the save file due to the round mismatch. The workaround is reverting the turn to a player that doesn’t resign and plays normally; then PYDT doesn’t increment the round and the game proceeds normally.

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