concave-inlandsea_II (9143d54a)

Smack talk goes here for concave-inlandsea_II! Game URL:

Thank you for waiting more than 2 weeks for me!
Later edit (19 Aug): And 2 more weeks for another turn :frowning:

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Is anyone against adding the MPH mod on this game?

  • if not, I can ask @Calcifer to add it on my next turn

In matches without the MPH mod, players are able to “exploit” the game and leave tech/civic unselected, storing science/culture overflow (for ever).

  • and you are no longer worried that you’ll miss eurekas/inspirations.

This is how MPH - Steam Workshop::Multiplayer Helper (MPH) - helps:

“A technology or civic will be auto-selected at the end of any turn in which you do not manually select one. This tech/civic is always the lowest cost tech/civic that you can research usually from top to bottom vertically in the event there are more than one tied for lowest cost.”

Still find it unnecessary, but am not against.

By the way, any of you can send the save to Calcifer to add MPH, I didn’t send yet because he was offline whenever I thought of sending it to him.