[CLOSED] Where'd the red star go?

My PYDT client used to show a cool red star in the title bar when it was my turn. Recently I monkeyed with some of the settings for task bar notifications, and maybe some other settings?, and now the red star is gone. I poked around in the client settings hoping to find a checkbox that said “Show my cool red star,” but no luck. The PYDT icon in the task bar turns red as expected, so I know the client is connected and all that good stuff.

Was this a deliberate change, or did I mess something up?

Hmm, it definitely wasn’t deliberate, and my red star is still showing. :frowning: Are you on windows?

Yup, on Windows.

I don’t seem to have one too. What should it look like? Screenie anyone?


One thing I’ve found that will make it disappear is to toggle off the “Show badges on taskbar buttons” setting in the Windows taskbar settings.

That was the problem! I had turned on small taskbar buttons in settings, and the badges setting gets grayed out when you do that. I guess you need big buttons in order to see the badges.

Thanks, Mike!

Not working:



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ahhh. Yes, I turn off all those sorts of things. So I have never seen the red star.

My icon goes red in the system tray, that’s what I rely on at a glance when the client is not in view. Can the taskbar icon become a red icon too? That would help me a lot.

I’ve looked into this a little bit and I don’t think this is possible, Windows provides the overlay icon thing to note status changes and it doesn’t seem like there’s a hook to change the icon itself.