[CLOSED] The game crashes right after loading to Hot Seat

The crashes and Firaxis Crash Reporter appears when I try to load the game to Hot Seat.

This game is a part of tournament, where 4 players play 4 games with same civilisations, but alternate them. Each player “hosts” one game. Other three games work just fine, but this one crashes when it is my turn. In every game the players’ order is the same, so the same player is before me.
What we tried so far:

  • I sent the file to other players, even to players who are not a part of this game to try to load it. All players got the same crash with this particular save.
  • Reverting the turn to previous player, and back forward to me.
  • Reverting the turn one round back. I could repeat my previous turn with no probs, same as other players, but when the game comes to me again, the bug is there.
  • Loading the save file to PBC. Same crash happens from there too.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything I can do about that, PYDT doesn’t really do anything to the file other than set the user names. :frowning: