[CLOSED] Scenario support?

I’m not sure if this is already done or not, but I would like to play one of those scenarios in a multiplayer session. Currently I can’t “configure” those game types (e.g. outback tycoon) here and just wonder if the client then would forbid to upload such a game with a “unkown civ” and “unkown other scenario related” settings.

On a side note: Can I setup a game with where it is possible to select the same leader multiple times? E.g. 4x Alexander for a “war-themed” game or will the PYDT client forbid that?

Some people have tried before, but didn’t have good luck, I think this is more due to bugs with hotseat mode and scenarios than it is with PYDT. See this thread: Scenario events missing

PYDT currently does prevent duplicate leaders, but I could make that optional.

Ah - pretty bad regarding the scenarios. Sorry for the duplication. I’m on WIndows, so maybe it is only mac related (as stated in the other topic). I will try it out.

For the duplicated leaders: This would be cool!