[CLOSED] Problem with "incorrect game turn in save file"

We have been having a lot of problems in this Civ5 game:

Mostly with “Incorrect game turn in save file”. We were able to get through a few times by reverting back through an entire turn and then the player who was having the problem went on vacation so we could get by them. But it kept happening to the one player so he surrendered.

But now the problem is popping up with someone else. Reverting back a full turn (more than a full turn actually) has not fixed it.

Once we also got a “Incorrect player turn in save file” once. Reverting a few times seemed to fix this one.

Is there any way to fix this game? Are we doing something to make this error plague us?

Thanks for any help or advice!

I’m pretty stumped, I took a look at your game, and the last turn uploaded had round 163 in it, not round 162, which is why it got rejected. Are you playing using the website or the client to upload turns? The only reason I ask is it’s much easier to get confused and upload the wrong file with the website and some problems before like this have just been uploading the wrong file.

I don’t think any of us use the website to upload, I can check with the others but I have always used the client. We have been using the website to revert.

Also I think we are on turn 161, not 162 or 163.

Like I said we have been having this problem quite a bit this game, I think this is the 4th or 5th time it has happened and this time we can’t seem to revert out way out of it.

I’ll check now with the others. But any prospect for a fix? Can we manually reset the turn number?

Thanks for looking into it!

It’s a problem with that game, I downloaded jkyounes’ turn at the end of turn 161, played it, saved it, and civ said it was turn 163, so I can duplicate what’s happening. That said, I don’t think there’s a fix since it’s a bug in civ. I manually updated the state of the game, hopefully it doesn’t happen any more.

Thanks! Now that it is set right, can I revert back to jkyounes so he can actually play his turn or will that screw things up again?

I did check with the others, everyone said they always played through the client.

He did play his turn, I used the turn he uploaded to the site, but civ skipped from 161 to 163, there’s no reason to revert.

ok, thanks again for the help. We were bummed out at the prospect of having to give up on the game so far in!

Hmmm, I am next and it is asking me for a password. But doesn’t let me click continue when I enter it.

Sorry, forgot about that, since PYDT didn’t process the file it didn’t update the passwords for your turn. The password should be rXkwXwnwos (PYDT randomly generates one each turn for every player but the current player).

Thanks, that did it!