[CLOSED] Patreon...issue

Not really a PYDT bug or issue, but not sure where else to put this.
I want to reduce the monthly patreon payment from $5 to $2, but cannot find anywhere in the patreon myaccount to do this.
I have another patreon annual membership with a language tutor, and that is all fine, documented, and changeable.

  • But there appears to be no patreon record of my monthly pydt contribution, so i cannot alter it.
    I logged a help request with patreon support, but they appear in no hurry to respond.

I might have to cancel the authorisation for this individual payment on the cc itself, rather than patreon, and see if this works. Once this has happened, I will then set up a new one.

I see your account in patreon, but I only have the option to “block” or “refund”, not change an amount. The subscription is under your gmail account if that helps.

Damn, you’ve been pitching in $5 forever, if you just want to call it quits I think we’re even, thanks! :slight_smile:

Aha…I discover I have two different gmail accounts…solved, thanks…