[CLOSED] No free envoys

My friends and I have started a game and for some reason nobody is getting the free envoys from meeting a city state first. Is this a PYDT issue?

I never say never, but it’s almost definitely not a PYDT issue, PYDT doesn’t modify anything in the save file that would affect that. It could be a general hotseat issue, though. Has anyone else noticed this?

I did try to start up a hotseat game manually on my machine (not using PYDT) and I did get a free envoy. So I was a little confused! Was wondering if PYDT somehow modified the save to disable that but as you say that’s not the case.

Are you in a Teams game? We’re getting that, but I assumed it was because of the difficulty of determining who on the team was first to meet.

yes we are in a teams game. have a 2v2v2 goin. never had issue with team games on pbc though

I did a test team game just on my computer without PYDT, and it came up the same… no envoy for first discover. I think it’s just a feature/bug of team games.