[CLOSED] New Smack Post messages in client

Hi, thanks so much for building this platform and community, I’m really enjoying it! (And considering donating, but not quite there yet…as in the wallet opening phase! Decision made I think.)

Just a pet peeve, there could be a setting or something I can adjust, but I’ve poked around and couldn’t find anything, so here it is:

When I have the client up, which I often do, I like using it–and then I’m also posting on the forum about the game I’m playing…it’s annoying to get the “New Smack Talk Post” popup and button, when I know it was me that just posted. So the nitty gritty itty bitty annoyances and how I clear them are:

  1. post on forum
  2. popup
  3. click button or popup
  4. go to browser.
  5. close window just opening cause I know I triggered it
  6. go on about my business
  7. which might well be another post in the same thread, cause I’m wordy like that!

An issue for anyone else? A setting I’ve missed?

Or a feature request:

When you post to the forum, none of this alerting system happens for your particular client (just for the others in the game).

Make sense?

Go to the website, your profile, forum username. PYDT assumes your forum username is your steam id by default, and if it isn’t it has no way to filter out which message are yours or not.

Ah thank you, I see it’s my fault for adopting a split personality! Must’ve got impatient with something on setup. Cheers

Hey Mike so what’s the fix if I’ve put myself in this situation?

Can I create an additional forum account? That sounds like a bad idea.

A friend tried to last night, and he got a message: Steam can’t connect with discourse, something like that. I suspect, I had the same issue, so got impatient, and signed up to the forum using my email, instead of Steam, which is how I linked with PYDT.

I start games as Onan. I post discourse as Onanista. Same guy. How to resolve?

Feel free to move over into a support thread, instead this feature area. thanks!

Like I said in the previous post, there’s a place to register your forum username on the website. Go to your profile/forum username.

I’ll try to look into the issue with steam login soon.

Thanks, I didn’t have my engineer hat on and I’m recovering from surgery, medicated, and very tired. Plus on steroids. It’s all a bit surreal.

But I slowed down and stepped back from my discourse profile, followed your instructions and found the right spot, even on mobile!

So. Once I update my visa, you’ll see a bump. :money_mouth_face:

Thank you, very nice work, it’s all quite elegant!


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