[CLOSED] New PYDT Version - Update / Cancel

In the last few days I got notice that a new version was being - (then had been) - downloaded.
Since then whenever I open PYDT client I have it greyed out, with a window above offering me Update or Cancel options. Pressing Update seemingly has no effect, and I need to press Cancel to get rid of the greyout and access to the client window, where it appears to function ok.

Edit: It thinks it is version 2.0.1 currently.

Have you completely exited the client? It should update then. That bug was fixed in 2.0.2, but unfortunately to get to 2.0.2 you have to update. :slight_smile:

If you have exited the client and it hasn’t updated just download 2.0.2 from the website and you should be OK. Thanks!

Now on 2.0.2 thanks.