[CLOSED] Missing avatar in Your Games menu

My avatar (4th) is not vissible in “Your Games” menu. However, it is visible in provile and in PYDT app.

I have tried clearing cache.

Hmm, I can still see your avatar, weird - is it only on the your games page or do you not see it when you go into the game details page, too? Do you see it in your client?

I see it my client and on my profile, but not on Your Games page

Weird - It looks fine to me when I run as your user, so it does seem like some sort of caching issue. If you go into dev tools (assuming you’re in Chrome), go into the network tab, and check the box to “Disable cache” and then hover your mouse over your avatar does it show back up? Do you see any errors loading the image?

Somehow it appeared now, after 3 weeks.