[CLOSED] I cant find my PYDT token


I´m new here and never tried PYDT application before. I have installed it and it is asking me for a token. Help says, that it supposed to be in “your profile” section of the web site. I browsed through my profiles for minutes long, however I havent found anything that has name “token” or indication that it could serve as one.

I´m attaching screenshot from “my profile” section for reference.

Thanks for help.


You’re on the forum site, go to www.playyourdamnturn.com, and click on the “Your Profile” link in the header. If you don’t see the “Your Profile” link it’s because you need to register with Steam, so click the steam button to register and then it should show up.

Thanks for help. I had the impression that as I´m registered in PYDT forum, it would not require steam credentials. I´m registered on steam, but I wasnt actually signed in, so once I did, “your profile” has appeared and I have successfully located my token.

I´m considering myself technically skilled, however instructions are not clear/detailed enough for first time comers. I would suggest to enhance instructions/help to mention that user needs to be signed in the PYDT through Steam account (as registering on PYDT forum is something different). Also one can get confused by “web site” as I thought that PYDT web site and its forum is actually the same “web site”.

Now I got to new issue, not sure if I need to create new topic or I can ask here. I will ask here and if needed I will create new topic later.

Now, when I open PYDT client I got no “enter your token” screen, but screen is completely empty. I checked all activities possible in the menu, but nothing helped. I have even restarted my computer with no result. Re-installing did not help either. I´m running my computer on Windows 10 Home.


Have you joined any games? Joining games is done through the web site, the client is only used to assist in playing turns. I’ll add some info to that screen when you haven’t joined any games the next time I update the client.

I was interested to create game, which was not available before. I will check it out and let you know in case of issues. Thanks for support!