[CLOSED] Game Not Moving Forward

So I’ve read through the forums, and I’ve seen others have had this problem, but their solutions didn’t seem to help us.

Have a player in this game:

He says he has gone through and found all his units and moved them and talked to all diplomatic requests. When he clicks to end the turn, he then uploads the save file, the save file bar shows a fully uploaded file, but it is still his turn in the game. PYDT client is not advancing the game to the next player. He has played his turn 6 or 7 times with the same results each time. He has also tried deleting all save files, but it still will not advance past his turn.

Help please?

If the game says it’s still your turn after you click end turn, you have some more to do, keep playing until it doesn’t say your name anymore.

Thank you, he really had to search to find a unit that was moving far away from his cities, but had been blocked by a barbarian unit.