[CLOSED] Emails disappeared?

For the last few days I have been attempting to upgrade my PC, with result I have performed several reinstalls of Win10 - so also Steam and pydt client - on a succession of disk drives. (Mentioned just in case…)
Also, coincidence or not, I have stopped receiving email notifications from pydt of turns sent to me.
(Not found in spam folder either?)

Any ideas?


Maybe you turned it off? I went in my settings and turned e-mail notification off.

Mmmm, Puzzled. They started again this morning about 3 hours ago. I certainly don’t remember turning them off, and was definitely asleep in bed during before and after they started again.

Probably hold off on investigating this until I confirm after another day what is happening. Don’t want to waste your time.

Whatever it was, it is no longer…

Finally figured it out.
When marked as on vacation, emails are no longer sent.

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