[CLOSED] Client can't find profile

Newcomer here, but after updating to latest client version my profile and my only open game disappeared from the client

Any advice?

Can I suggest some kind of linking between steam/website and client, so the profiles won’t get lost (I do not know much about this type of thing, so you’re welcome to say that’s not possible)

Could you post a screenshot? Do you just need to re-enter your token from the website?


Where’s the token again? And, how can I re-enter it, if the client doesn’t ask me it nor does it seem to be possible to enter it?

Yeah, something’s wrong there - try clicking debug/toggle developer tools, going to the console tab, and taking a screenshot of what’s there. I bet that clicking debug/clear storage will fix things and allow you to re enter your token.

Away from my gaming computer for the holidays. I’ll get back to this next year