[CLOSED] Civ 5 crashing while loading saved game

Hi has anything changed recently with the saved game files from PYDT? A day or so ago, in two different games, people started having crashes while loading a saved game from PYDT. Restarting civ and reloading 2 or 3 times appears to sometimes works though very random. This really sounds like a Civ problem but I thought I’d ask. We’ve played 1000’s of turns without issue over the last couple of years so we’re bit at a loss as to what’s happened.

Thanks in advance,

Nothing that I know of, I haven’t noticed anything in my Civ 5 games. Civ 5 does have a “save bloat” issue that can pop up if a save is reloaded a lot, though.

Yes that was it!! I hadn’t heard of that before.
Followed the instructions at the end of this thread and we’re back in business.

Thanks again!