[CLOSED] 14 Days Since Last Turn?

Hello there. Something odd happened to me today; a game I’m in turned over to me this morning after another player was kicked, but PYDT is telling me it’s been 14 days since the last turn now. I’m assuming that this is due to it being that long since that user played, and didn’t reset the timer after his being kicked passed it to me, but that’s quite a lot of time. Not great for my average turn time and such.

Not a huge deal, just, not great either. I like having a low average turn time because I do try to get my turns done quickly and all, and I most certainly wouldn’t have taken fourteen days for one here.

I’ll see if I can fix that in the future, but don’t worry, it shouldn’t matter for turn time calculation, turn times aren’t calculated from that value.

Ah, alright, thanks. I took a look at my average turn time after that for the game, and thought that it only going up by three minutes (my turn came up just before I went out for the day and I didn’t have time to get it in before my ride was leaving) was small if it was giving me a 14 day+ turn time.