Client Notification Features

Currently, I rely on the system tray icon’s color change to indicate my turn, or I keep the client window open on a monitor. However, there are instances when other applications, like Chrome, may obscure the client window.

  1. Notification Sound on Tray Icon Change:
    Can the client emit a notification sound when the system tray icon changes from green to red, alerting users even if the window is not in focus.

  2. “Always on Top” Setting:
    Similar to the functionality found in task manager application, could the client have a setting to stay “always on top”? This would ensure that the client window remains visible above other open applications (such as Discord browser or app).

  3. Automatic Bringing to the Top:
    Additionally, could the client have the ability to automatically bring itself to the forefront as the topmost app when a green to red event occurs? Currently, this happens when a save file is detected, but having a user-configurable option for this behavior would be great.