Civilization V World Congress bug, no diplomacy with On Vacation player

We have one player On Vacation and when the voting turn came several turns ago, we cast our votes but it hasn’t been resolved yet. The World Congress screen just has the proposals displayed but no resolution is being passed. World Congress icon on the game screen is no longer displaying any numbers as if the vote-counting turn became permanent.

By the way, I’m not able to conduct diplomacy with the On Vacation player, every trade proposal is neither accepted nor rejected. Once my turn comes, I have no notification about my deal proposal and the game behaves as if it never existed. Normally the AI should act in his stead but it’s not the case here.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Unfortunately I’m not sure there’s much I can do here, that seems like a general bug with hotseat itself. PYDT doesn’t do much for vacation mode other than flip the flag to make the player an AI. I’ll try and play with it sometime and see if setting the flags a different way could help.

Hello Mike,
Thank you for your answer, today our queue bugged with our vacationing player, as if he returned, so maybe this AI flag flipping isn’t working fully sometimes and causes diplomacy to glitch. In-game when we try to trade with his Civ, it still acts as if he’s playing which is why we can’t conclude any deal (it’s voided on the next turn). Perhaps the World Congress is also awaiting his vote endlessly.

Hello again,
The issue was resolved after the vacationing player surrendered. It appears that AI finally took over and vote in WC was resolved. Deals are also proceeding with now AI-controlled Civ.

Another issue occured to Benissimo at one point. He can’t make any deal offers to other players (except AI civs) because the game acts as if he has a pending offer with a different player.