Civ6 rounder game1 (d3797e17)

Smack talk goes here for Civ6 rounder game1! Game URL:

seems in order for this to work each of us must create a game. Creator has to be 1st

master file can be found here

game 4 is up now-

password is game4

can anyone get a hold of artic polar bear? I dont care for this messaging system on here

i think if arctic polar bear doesn’t respond in 48hrs i will replace him. i have a player lined up

we could run this game with arctic polar bear and do the 3 others with his replacement

He’s surrendered from all his games so replace him!

Should i wait for replacement before taking my turn?

maybe i’ll have one here in a day or so

No probs. I’ll hang fire till we have someone else.

sry guys after the update my buddy in no longer interested

open to suggestions

just open it up for another player?

Or just stick with AI?

can we try and move this game to Play by Cloud? join code: dej5

I presume I can try the cloud when it’s my turn…

go to Play by Cloud and enter the join code: dej5
you don’t have to wait for your turn

Something weird has happened and I seem to be in the game twice

I just posted this game on discord and slack