Civ 6 STRICT 24-7 game v4.5 Base+ (208a2de3)

Smack talk goes here for Civ 6 STRICT 24-7 game v4.5 Base+! Game URL:

im interested in playing, please send me the password

Did you read the rules? :slight_smile:

We’re a bunch of game devs who have been running successful PYDT games for well over a year now. We’ve hit upon a formula to ensure compelling games with a strict 24-7 rule. We have a core of 5 players but would like to open the games up to more similar minded players. All welcome. Just stick to the rules and try to be nice and active. We have a discord channel you can join which we use quite a lot for game chat. Once we get this game started we’ll start two more for both expansions.

This game is: base game plus free Aztecs plus free Yet (not) Another Maps Pack mod which you can get from Steam Workshop.

Reply here if you want to join and I will send you the password.

Yup, i’ve read the rules and will be happy to join

Can I join please?

Could you help me find a link to the rules or is it just ‘strict 24-7’? Does it mean 24h turn limit or what? Please send me password anyway as I am sure I will be able to follow the rules in any case.

Yeah it’s 24 hour turn or you will get kicked (excuses are accepted if you give them ahead of time and we are a little less strict at the start of games with new players). After 20 or so turns we expect you to hold an average of 7 hours or less. Vacations and breaks are accepted and these are taken off your average - so a long weekend won’t cause you to be kicked if you warn us in advance.

I would like to play when you create another one with the expansions

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It was a close call, but I was lucky this time by achieving SV on turn 157.
I’ve got quite much land on an island shared with Japan. Japanese gave up shortly after start and didn’t have much of resources, so I decided to concentrate on infrastructure and wonders so was able to rush strong economy and eventually catch runaway US, which were dominating on their island.
Luckily I was also able to secure an island rich of Aluminum and a bit of Oil, which was useful.
I was too relaxed that I am ahead in raw science production in information era, so didn’t pay much attention and could easily lose Space Race at the end when the US got Carl Sagan. I believe it was question one or few turns.
Anyway, thanks for the game and good luck next time!