Civ 6 STRICT 24-7 game v11.1 GS+ (Co-op) (b22fe34a)

Smack talk goes here for Civ 6 STRICT 24-7 game v11.1 GS+ (Co-op)! Game URL:

I’d like to join this game. How do I get the password?

You’d need to know us :).

We sometimes make exceptions for people with low average turn times who seem like they might be fun to play with.

I play the game every day against the AI. I’m bored with the AI, what to play against people and play creatively. Tell what turn times are required and I will comply.

The clue is in the name 24-7. We take our turns within 24 hours and maintain an average of 7 hours. We prefer 2-3 hour averages. Vacations and medical emergencies are acceptable excuses :).

I can easily do that. I can do turns most days mornings, afternoons and evenings Pacific Standard Time.