CIV 6 Rise&Fall - Small Shuffle (fb8f7b8b)

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Hello and welcome everyone. I’m visiting people for christmas and won’t be able to start the game before late sunday evening. Sorry for the delay.

@Frank_Zappa Not to worry, what i would expect in christmas times…

@Frank_Zappa, what’s happening here? Where did you go?

Strange to have host dropping out of game just like that

ohh, yeah that is not good, emm who controls the game now, if we need to do a new turn or something?

There’s no official host so we’re on autopilot for now. I’m sure this still is playable, although we have to contact PYDT-admins if any problems pops up

ahh good, because i would leave the game now, as i wouldnt be investing time in a potential game that will get stucked in the future…

But… if we can contact a Admin… then game on!

Yeah, no worries. In any case you can lose the host after a defeat in-game. PYDT still pushes next turn regardless

ahh yes, that makes sense of course… being a host, and being protected in that way, would be… unfair :smiley:

Russia is way ahead. Totally going to smoke us if we don’t gang up on them.

If it is war you want, a bloody war you shall get. Time for Russia to fight two fronts. Gentlemen, may the best nation win

Spain is no more, sorry @BobReman. It was better to take care of you than prolong the inevitable

So there’s only two world leaders with real brains among the puppet nations. Ready for last stand @cjcjameson?

Yep, ready. How do you want to win, and can I throw you some wrinkles?

I think it’s fair to duke it out like war generals, unless you want to have civilized religious war? My culture’s going to give me victory eventually if I don’t have science victory first

So you’re welcome to try: domination or religious. You can pick (I’ll try to downplay tourism as much as I can)

I think the culture clock is ticking pretty fast regardless… I was mostly joking in asking how you want to win :wink: let’s just play it out and see.

Sooooo… I concede formally. Good game! You’re on your way to culture victory.

I think my only remaining chance would have been religion, somehow amassing enough apostles to flip all your sea-cities in one go, and then … ??? I don’t think that would have actually worked. I would need to flip 10 cities, and you’d be best to keep at war with me to kill my apostles.

That apostle armada made me worried for a moment, but yeah army would have killed the heretics

Thanks for a good game, you did put up a decent fight in the end. :smiley: