Chld87stv's game! (ca6c56de)

Smack talk goes here for chld87stv’s game!! Game URL:

Thanks for a great game Marthow! I was able to manage a domination victory, and just in time too, considering how close you were to a science victory! Hope we’ll play again in the near future!!

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 11.25.41 AM|690x431

One quick question: How did you manage to get so far ahead in science so early in the game? I’m really curious!

I didn’t see that coming hahaha! Good game chld87stv! (poor citizens of London :frowning: ). I hope so :smiling_imp:

Well, the game was weird from the beginning, as one of the civs (Arabia) lost in the first turn, and it seems he was next to me. First, I concatenated two consecutive golden ages, getting the free inquiry dedication for the harbor bonuses, amplified with naval tradition. Then, I expanded to take advantage of all the good spots left by Arabia. Finally, with some pillaging, I rush the chemistry technology to get research labs in all my cities that, as they were already powered, addet to England’s passive, tripled the bonus science.

Wow! Obviously a really effective strategy for England – I’ll have to remember that! Cheers!