ChaunceyDoodles's game! (ec9b3353)

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Second turn into the game, and I have begun my master stroke. WIthin 10 turns, you all shall be kneeling at the feet of Rome, begging for our scraps.

Oh God oh God oh God. Things have gone terribly wrong and it’s only the second turn. My empire is in ruins. All is lost.

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So, I’ve just finished researching Battleships, Tanks, and Democracy. How are you guys doing?

I scrapped mine. I needed the metal for my Star Destroyer.

I found some horses. I tried to eat one. It didn’t taste too good.

I made the same discovery with stone. Useful, but tooth-breaking and tastes terrible. Ah, the challenges of developing science in the primitive world.

Does EVERYONE have to watch the stupid Romans on their game load screen? I want to see the SUMERIANS! Stupid Trajan! I don’t want to see him every damn time!

Pottery is MINE! I call dibs on all things clay-related.


Feels like the game is finally starting to move out of the early moves where you have so little to do because you have hardly anything to work with …

I’m having trouble with amenities and trying to decide if I should obliterate a nearby city-state that is crowding me. I mean, I’m supposed to be a warmonger and all, so…

Build granary, campus, holy site, military thingy …those things that you unlock through tech that take up a whole square usually come with amenities

While there are benefits to befriending city states, owning their city is pretty nice too


Well, so . . . note to self for next game, you probably need a few defensive units for your empire. Lost two cities so far, one of which was obliterated (disappeared from the map) - it was my second largest city. I knew Brazil was a shitty country with nefarious motivations. I’m going to hopefully recapture the other city I lost before I run out of money paying for soldiers!

Wait, wait. I mean, everything’s FINE over here . . . we’re strong, wealthy, and progressing toward world domination right on schedule. No. Ahead of schedule! We’ll probably win the game before Christ is born. Take that, Christianity.

Those fucking Brazilians! Next time I see them I’m going to give them a piece of my mind!

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Sorry for delay, had weird PYDT glitch